Getting started couldn’t be easier!

The Hardest Part Is Walking Through The Door!

That really is true. It’s the only thing standing in your way of an amazing journey of learning, getting healthier, and achieving your goals!

Our relaxed, friendly induction sessions are designed to introduce you to our unique approach to teaching Krav Maga Self Defence and Fitness.

I’ve written a Free Personal Guide To Beginning Krav Maga to help you get started. If you’ve not already read the guide, you can download it here.

Read the guide and ready to get started? It’s simple! Just follow the 2 steps below to book your induction and you’re good to go!

See you on the training floor!

John Miller, IKMS Founder

STEP 1: Choose Your Induction Location

Where & When?

Choose where and when you would like to attend your Induction.

Inductions run weekly across all our class locations. New dates are added weekly.

Simply select your preferred location, date and time on our booking form on the next page.

STEP 2: Contact details

STEP 3: Choose a time and location

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