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Krav Maga Glasgow

Want to get fit, learn something new and meet lots of like minded people? Yes?…Then the IKMS Krav Maga Glasgow Self defence and fitness classes are the place for you to go!  Wherever you live in Glasgow, we’ve got a class for you!  Conveniently located across the City, we have 5 weekly Krav Maga Glasgow classes.  All of the Krav Maga Glasgow classes are located in fully equiped gyms with excellent facilities ideal for Krav Maga self defence and fitness classes.

With 5 weekly Krav Maga self defence and fitness classes across the City you can train at your leisure and convenience to attain your Krav Maga training goals!  Our unique Membership and Personal Development Programme allows you unlimited attendance at any of our classes, offering unrivalled value! the Krav Maga Glasgow classes are lead by members of the IKMS Instructor Team  So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP FOR AN INDUCTION TODAY!!!

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John Miller

Senior Instructor

Our senior instructor John Miller is a regular instructor at our Glasgow and Stirling classes!  A specialist is conflict management, John found his calling as a Krav Maga Instructor.  Passionate about the martial arts in general, John is currently Expert Level 2 in Krav Maga.  With an extensive background in law enforcement, conflict management, crisis management, and martial arts, John posesses an impressive knowledge of self defence and models of violence.  Along with his wife, Jacqui, John runs IKMS.

"The straight to the point, no nonsense approach to self defence is what attracted me to Krav Maga!  Even after all these years of training, I'm still amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of the system.  I would recommend it for anyone, there are no barriers or exceptions for anyone in learning Krav Maga!"

- John Miller

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